Friday, November 19, 2010

What's in the Box - PreK

Now here is a look at Drama Mama's preschool boxes! Most of these activities are from our Letter of the Week Curriculm unless indicated otherwise. We also do our circle time, arts and crafts, and play time with Tater Tot.

Letter P poke page with a toothpick. We also use jumbo sized push pins for this.

Pumpkin cutting practice

Pumpkin tracing and coloring page

P letter hunt worksheet

Pumpkin magnet page

Letter P scavenger hunt. Drama Mama has to go fill the drawer
with items that begin with the letter P.

Letter P writing practice

Pattern block scarecrow and pumpkin sheets that I found.

Pumpkin size sort

Pumpkin graphing

There is lots more to come from our world of PreK and Kindergarten so stay tuned! Blessing to you all as you prepare for the holidays! Be Thankful!

Mama J

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