Monday, November 15, 2010

An Award

Well, we are all FREE of the tummy bug! It's a good life :)  I just got an award from a beautiful friend at Butterfly Chic. Thank you Sarah - you rock!

Terms of recieving: 
*Thank the person who gave you the award ... Thanks again Sarah! Hugs to ya!

*Tell 7 facts about me...

*Give the award to 7 bloggers that I adore
*Leave a comment and tell the bloggers about the award...

The Facts of My Life:

1. I am hopelessly devoted to Cherry Cokes from Sonic
2. My newest food addiction are potstickers in the frozen food section - 
they are surprisingly ahhhmazing!
3. I told God I never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom or a pastor's wife...
Look where I am now :)
4. Whenever someone scratches material like sheets or something it
makes my teeth hurt. Weird I know!
5. I HATE to be tickled!
6. I love to sing.
7. I'd love to open a coffee shop one day.

Now to share the love by giving the award to a few friends:

Faith on Fire

Enjoy it friends and show some love to others!


jennykate77 said...

Hello! Stopping by from FMBT! Love your blog. I used to have a coffee shop! :) My mom and I had one for 3 years in the small town we live it. It was really fun and I would love to do it again someday. Oh, and I HATE to be tickled too! HATE.IT. :)

Hope you're having a great day!

Jessi said...

Hi, I'm stopping by from the Tuesday blog hop. I'm a new follower.

I love Sonic sodas as well...and I'm addicted to the cherry limeade. Oh well.

Happy Tuesday!
Jessi (

Haute Mom said...

I am here from the blog hop and am your newest follower!

Canadianmom said...

Hi there! Just stopping by from Follow Me Back Tuesday blog hop.
Feel free to check out my blog, What’s on my Mind:
Take care and make it a great day!

Stephanie said...

Very cute blog, I'm following you from the hop.

Kecia said...

Wow, thanks! :) I've been blank lately, so this should give me something to say, lol. It was good seeing you tonight!

Laurie Harrison said...

LOL I was reading about your award. It's all quiet in my house right now (very early) and all of a sudden your music started (I had my speakers all the way up) I about hit the ceiling. hahaha
Anyway, congrats on your award, that's pretty awsome.
Stop on by if you get a chance.
Good song playing, don't want to leave now. :-)

Jill said...


Thanks for giving me the award, I have been blessed to receive several already so I must decline this one at this time. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. :-)
I have the same and have passed it around already :-) Hope you have a wonderful night!

susanna said...

Thanks so much for the reward! How fun! I love the name of your blog by the way! :) Hope that you finding a lot of beauty in your mess this week! God bless you the most! Sue (tired supergirl)