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Chapel Life in South Georgia

Ten months ago we moved to a quaint coastal town in South Georgia to our second duty station on this adventure called military life and chaplaincy. It has been a beautifully wild ride switching coasts and, man, the differences are many! It has been an adjustment, but I am certain that we are exactly where the Lord wants us. 
My husband was previously stationed in 29 Palms with 3rd battalion 4th Marines, then regiment, and then 1st Tanks. We were there just shy of 3 years before moving to GA. Those who know me will recall that I loved our desert dwelling. I loved the sunshine, the people, the chapel family and ministry we were a part of, the hiking. It was very difficult to not play the comparison game when we first moved here. For the first several months I think I made the transition a little bit more difficult than it would have been had I surrendered to the Lord's will sooner. Always learning the hard way, I am. 
 In December of 2014 we moved to beautiful South GA where T is now …

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