Monday, November 08, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 28

Something That Stresses Me Out

I wish I could say that I don't get stressed out, that I never worry, and I always lean on God and trust Him in absolutely every single aspect of my life. While this is something I strive's not reality for me many days. So right now here are the two big things that stress me:

1. Not having enough time to spend with all the people I really care about.
2. Trying to make sure we are good stewards of our finances and our time.


SayRah said...

Tithing is very hard for me...I need to learn to discipline myself. Once I do that,I'll be golden!

This Beautiful Mess said...

Yeah, I want to be a good steward in tithing, and also with the purchases we make. What we spend our money on ya know? We can invest in such silly things that we don't really need and wont even use very much if we are really honest with ourselves lol :) And there are so many people out there with nothing. We have so much and tend to give so little. Lol I am rambling!

About tithing - I will tell you honestly that when you give right off the top - first thing - God will be faithful to provide if you truly give with a cheerful heart and trust Him. There have been so many times we have tithed without knowing if we would have enough money for groceries or to pay a bill, and it always seems to work out. It can be a scary discipline to start, especially if you are tight financially, but once you do, I doubt you would regret it :)