Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful on a Thursday

This is my first official Thankful on a Thursday post! I am thankful for the work of my Heavenly Father in my life. God has been up to so much in me that I have no idea where to start. I will begin my sharing that in recent months God has really revealed some ugliness in my heart. He has convicted me of reading the Bible and believing the Bible but not really living the word out loud with my life. One day, in Walmart - yes, Walmart, God convicted me so deeply. Please don't judge me as I tell tell this story. I am human and this is exactly why I need a loving Savior. So I was in Walmart and there was a very large man that walked by. I am sad to say that my first thought was, "Wow. He's so fat." Here is my dialougue with God after that thought:

God: I made Him.
Me: (broken hearted, ashamed) I know, God.
God: He's my creation. Do you even know his story?
Me: No, God.
God: Love people, Misty. Let me love them through you.
Me: I want to Lord. I'm so sorry. (In tears at this point)

Breaking the silence that followed, my son hugs me and says, "Mom, don't cry! It's just grocery shopping! I promise I wont ask for candy!" Kids and their comic relief right? I smiled through the tears as the words of a popular song by Brandon Heath echoed in my heart. For the first time, I really "got" those lyrics and felt them in a genuine and authentic way. They became my prayer. Let me share a video of this song with you (you can scroll to the bottom of this page and pause the music player so that it doesn't interfere with the video sound):

God used a moment in my ordinary life to completely rattle me and pierce my heart with His love for people. Isn't that just like Him? We as Christians should be so thankful for God's mercy , grace, and patience with us. We are such a fallen people and yet He, the creator of the entire universe, has chosen to use us to glorify Himself and reach people for Christ. It's humbling and beautiful and my heart rejoices!

Things I am thankful for:

1. Fall - it's finally under 75 degrees! Love it! It has been a never-ending summer but there is some relief in sight!

2. Rain - We have had some rain in recent days and it was much needed. Maybe now the laves will start changing instead of just dying a horribly crispy death!

3. My husband. He's patient, loving, godly, funny, a great daddy, an amazing husband, and a wonderful pastor. He is my best friend and soul mate and I adore him!

4. Rhapsody music subscription service. I love having whatever music I want (almost) right at my fingertips. It gives way to much joy and worship in my life and lots of silly dancing with the kiddos! Good times!

5. Friends. I am blessed with some wonderful people in my life, some close by and some far away, who encourage me, challenge me, hold me accountable, and love me even though I am messy. What a gift!


va_grown said...

Wow--a powerful reminder. Thanks for sharing.

Accidental Baby Maker said...

your newest follower from Thankful Thursdays, thank you for honesty, we are all human and can so easily wrapped up in appearances

This Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you wasn't an easy thing to share but I believe if we were all more real with each other about our struggles we would be stronger in the end because we would have the support of one another ya know?