Tuesday, October 26, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 13

My Goals - in no particular order:

1. Start exercising regularly and do better at taking care of my body.

2. Spend more time making meaningful memories with my family.

3. Begin a family journal.

4. Read the Bible in 90 Days.

5. Memorize whole passages of scripture instead of verses here and there.

6. Limit the time I spend watching TV, browsing the internet, time on FB, etc.

7. Love people better and in more tangible ways.

8. Blog more consistently.

9. Make the most of our homeschooling years.

10. Take an ASL class.

11. Sponsor two more Compassion Children.

12. Finish the process of applying to be foster parents.

13. Hold family worship services on a regular basis.

14. Learn to do more with my sewing machine besides hemming and mending.

15. Go backpacking in Europe.

16. Take a trip to the Philippines to visit the little boy we sponsor.

There are many more but I cannot think of them at this point :)

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Xenia said...

Thanks for stopping by - good luck with meeting your goals!