Tuesday, October 19, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 5

My Siblings

I was blessed with a sister whom we will call A,  who is five years younger and has severe special needs. It is beca
use of her that I am able to love people in spite of their differences. It is because of her that I have compassion for others. I remember one time in Middle School I had a classmate ask, "Will she bite?" and I remember replying, "No, she's a human not a pit bull!" Ha ha! I also remember being in the grocery store one day and while I was wheeling her around this man gave us a dirty look and stared at my sister for what seemed like five minutes. Well, my little sister liked to kick out her legs and if they were not strapped into the wheelchair she would trip people and kick them. Not on purpose, but just because she liked to stretch out and kick and whatnot. Well, I unstrapped her legs and we followed that man down an aisle where  I "accidentally" wheeled her a wee bit too close and there she went, kicking him in the keester. Oops... :) The funny thing is, A laughed so hard. She knew what she had done and she thought it was funny! I am so glad she is in my life and I know I would be very different if God had not sent her to our family.

Another person I am blessed with is Ducky, My cousin and sister at heart. We have spent most of our life together and I lived with her and my Aunt and Uncle for  several years. We had the same growing pains in our relationship like all sisters do, but we are still very close. She is beautiful, creative, feisty, and I love her so much. She has moved to another country and it is hard having her so far away. I remember Saturday mornings when she would climb up to the top bunk and we would lay there laughing and giggling, slumber parties where we would have to be asked to go to sleep several times, she time she dumped laundry detergent on my head and the time we got into a fight with soapy water while doing dishes. My life would not be the same without her as well. She has been by me through many tough moments in my life and has stuck there even when she was worried or didn't agree with my decisions. She has loved me and been my best friend when other friends have given up on me or left. I love you and miss you Ducky!

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