Saturday, December 11, 2010

When You Just Don't Make the Cut

      I give praise to God that He uses the least likely to accomplish the impossible. This fact is such an intricate and important part of scripture and such a huge part of who God is and how He works. Often, in our humanity, we get so down on ourselves. We see our brokeness, our weaknesses, our sin, all of our short-comings big and small, and we wonder, "How in the world can God possibly take THIS and use it for good?" It's easy to look in the mirror and say, "I am just one person, far from perfect, so how can I really make a difference in this world? Is it worth even trying?" My answer (and God's too!): YES. 

      Jesus' disciples didn't even make the cut by their culture's standards. The ones who did were already studying under a rabbi, not learning the family trade as they were. Still Jesus chose to use them to do His work. He loved them and had a great confidence in them, even when they didn't quite "get it" - which was a bit often :) Think for moment about the people God uses throughout His mighty word. David was a scrawny sheperd boy, the run of the litter if you will, and yet with a rock and a sling, defeated a giant! Moses was not the most eloquent speaker and yet God chose to use him to lead His people out of Egypt. Paul persecuted Christians for a long time, hated them, and yet God used Him to spread the gospel to many people and used Him to write a good portion of the New Testament. Paul became the very thing he had once despised! Talk about the power of a changed life!!! The stories are numerous: Noah, Esther, The Disciples, Rahab, Mary Magdalene, and the list goes on and on and on! God used the ones that everyone else looked over and dismissed as normal, nothing really too special. And let me tell you, He is still doing the same thing today. All we need is to be available, willing, and obedient. 

      Satan wants nothing more than to break us down and make us think that living for Christ isn't worth it. He wants to convince us that God can't use us. Sadly, there are many Christians, I having been one myself,  sitting defeated on the sidelines, merely warming pews because they are convinced that trying to make a difference isn't even worth the time and effort. Yet we have a lost and dying world crying out in desperation for something more, something deeper, while many of us are stuck staring out into the distance like a bunch of deer in headlights wondering what to do next. We have THE one and only true message of hope, of truth, and the ultimate source of power in Christ Jesus our Lord, so why are we sitting around wondering why the world is the way it is? Stop worrying about not making the cut. God wants to use YOU.  How long will we continue to underestimate the power of God? How long will we refuse to let Him truly transform our lives and use us to impact His kingdom for His glory? MOVE! Get out of the way and let God in! Let Him use you in ways you could never imagine even in your wildest dreams!  It IS possible and we can't deny it anymore. God wants to use YOU and ME. So what are we going to do about it?

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