Sunday, May 15, 2011

He's Always Been Faithful

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day in the Lord! It is 73 degrees and sunny with a refreshing breeze. I just thought I'd take time to elaborate on what God is doing in the life of our family. As I wrote about yesterday, I am about 20 weeks pregnant with our fourth child and am having an amazing pregnancy compared to the others. I have not had to have a blood transfusion or IV fluids in the hospital or be on bed rest or be on home IV therapy or a zofran pump for hyperemisis (which is severe nausea and vomiting to the point of being dangerously ill). Praise be to God for this miracle! I have had a bad infection which caused some worry at first but antibiotics took care of that. In the same day I went to the hospital for some spotting and cramping, I was dealing with some difficult issues with friends, and we found out that our air conditioner completely went kaput. But God always has a plan doesn't He? The cramping and bleeding was because of a bad infection and so I was put on antibiotics. The baby's heartbeat was perfect and I was told to just take it easy the next few days and to keep pushing fluids. Praise be to God! The issues with friends were worked out and God whispered to my heart that HE is Healer and Savior, and Sustainer and I am NOT. Thank goodness! The world would look vastly different if I were in charge. Praise God that I am not, right? :) God used the hard stuff to show me exactly who was in control and that I am not that person. Those lessons are hard but so necessary. Praise be to God! As for the air conditioner, we learned that depending on what had to be replaced it could cost up to $5,000 dollars. Thankfully our homeowner's insurance will cover all but the $750.00 deductible AND we can get on a payment plan! Praise be to God! He is good good good! All the time! And what is even more profound is that through all of that, my heart understood that even if something was wrong with the baby, had I lost a friendship, and had we been in a situation where we had to pay the full amount for a new air conditioner out of our own pocket - He STILL would be good. ALL the time. 

I am learning to not only treasure the times where God answers my prayers, but rejoicing even in the times where He does not. Because He is God and I am not. He doesn't owe me an explanation and in my humanity I am not deserving of anything but death. But God, in His love for the wretched people of this world, gave his only Son that we - that I - might have eternal life. Abundant life. Praise God that I am covered by the blood of Christ and that He has washed me white as snow! God gave absolutely everything He had so who am I to expect anything from Him? 

There is a beautiful song I'd like to share with you that talks about being drawn closer to the Lord in the storms of life and laying those treasures which are formed by the trials down at His throne.  I hope you love it as much as I do! Blessings friends!

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