Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Veggie Tales

Well, we have really enjoyed our garden, weedy though it has been. Somehow we have still been blessed with yummy vegetables! The kiddos are having a blast working outside and watching things grow and become colorful. Here are the first finds - yellow squash, green peppers, and some cherry tomatoes:

Then, our big princess (AKA Drama Mama, and don't mind the cookie residue on her mouth) "found some color" and wanted to go pick "batoesies" and here is what she found (plus a green pepper we discovered):

A garden is a lot of hard work but well worth the effort, kind of like parenting. Children need to be planted and rooted in Christ, showered or watered with God's love and pruned or weeded by discipline and hard work. Only when we put in the hard work will we reap the benefits of the fruit of our labor. And nothing is guaranteed is it? Because in reality, our children are not our own - they are the Lord's. I am praying that I will be continually reminded of this truth but still press on in doing the right thing while trusting my Savior all the way. I hope all you parents will do the same! Blessings to you all!

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