Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a few minutes to just rest this afternoon and was flipping through some channels on the TV when I came across the tail end of a rerun of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. This particular episode was about a couple with four children who battle a debilitating blood disorder. Of course, there were tears on my end as I am pregnant and I already cry easily. After the episode was over I sat on my couch and cried some more. Wow. The things I take for granted - like preparing food and not having to worry about every little germ and contamination that could happen. Like having healthy, beautiful children who are simply amazing - when I choose to cherish them. Here I am, living in a beautiful, spacious house with a healthy, gorgeous family, a baby growing inside my belly, a husband who is faithful and who loves me, and so many times I choose to focus on everything that is wrong or negative.

Lord, help me cherish, cherish, cherish what YOU have given me. Help me to live that life abundantly that you long to give me. Help me not take for granted the simple things. Open my eyes to see and my heart to appreciate the many blessing you freely bestow on me. Thank you for everything you are, everything you give, and everything you have done for this crazy, beautifully messed up world. Amen.

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