Sunday, February 26, 2012


Well, we are approaching the 8 week mark of my sweet husband's training as a Navy Chaplain. The first couple weeks without him were a Scary? Call it what you will but it wasn't pretty. It is amazing how such small things can make a person's absence so real. A car door that wont open on a snowy Sunday morning, a screaming preschooler in the middle of Chuck E. Cheese, children vomiting and waking up 15 times in the middle of the night with no one to tag team with. I can tell you, I have a whole new respect for single mothers. Being both mommy and daddy is HARD. AND, I don't even have a job outside the home! That in itself is a blessing. I cannot imagine trying to keep up with anymore than I have right now. So, props to all of you sweet single mamas trying to juggle all of your responsibilities. You are in my prayers, believe you me! Listen to me whine and it's not even that long of a separation! Just 12 weeks...nothing compared to how deployment will be, or so I hear... Ok. Moving on! In all honesty, it hasn't been so bad and the things I am learning are priceless and for those lessons, I am grateful. It helps to know that there are many others in similar or more difficult situations. I am looking forward to walking alongside others as we face similar challenges in the future. 

Anywho, we have finally settled into a groove of sorts. I was very fortunate to be able to go see my sweet chaps graduate from ODS (Officer Development School, for all of you who are military-lingo-illiterate - I don't even know what people are saying half the time! Ha!). Here are a few pictures from our trip. Only the Bubs got to go with me. Me and four kids on a plane...I AM crazy, but not that crazy. Yet ;) I am sure I will attempt it eventually. This mama likes to go and do things. Okay, pics:

Big Daddy is, well, the tallest one you see :)

There he is again. He is the one facing the left side of the screen.

Looking so somber. The third one back on the first row. 

In the airport, waiting to say goodbye and go on our seperate flights:
Me to Kentucky and the hubby was off to chaplain school in SC.

Future shipmate?

We had a wonderful time! So proud of this wonderful man of mine!

Also, my Bible reading is going well, I just have not taken time to post much. Hopefully I will get some recent "Bible in 90 Days" posts up soon. I have been feeling very icky for several months and was recently diagnosed with a chronic vitamin D deficiency and Epstein-Barr virus. Google these things to your heart's content if you'd like. I don't want to go into all the details because there's more good going on in my life than bad or uncomfortable. Basically I have a couple things working against my immune system, and, coupled with the births of 4 babies over the past few years, I am feeling pretty achy and fatigued along with other annoying and frustrating symptoms.  However, God has led me to some great friends who are battling similar issues although not identical, and have been a great source of encouragement. He is teaching me so much about who I am and who I need to be and so much about Himself as my Daddy in Heaven. I praise Him that it is something so simple and there is a solution! I will still have good and bad days but for the most part, within a year or two I should be feeling more like my vibrant, care-free self, and folks, that's excellent news! So enough about all that. 

The bubs is almost FIVE months old! He's going to be graduating high school before I can blink my eyes. Okay, I exaggerate much, but people constantly say things like, "Blink and you will miss it." Or, cherish every moment (EVERY moment? Really?). Makes me nervous that I am going to miss out on something really special, ya know? Or guilty that I am not spending ever single moment in some parenting-induced state of euphoria. I LOVE being a mommy and maybe one day I will look back and say, "you know? I really miss those moments when my two-year old would stick her hands in her dirty diaper and wipe it on the wall and burning dinner while I clean it up. I wish I could live those moments over and over and over." Maybe. People also say really encouraging things like, "Wait til they're teenagers! You'll wish you had toddlers again!" Thanks. Anyway, I digress...

The bubs is nearly five months old, can flip from back to belly, is ALL smiles nearly all the time, and is the sweetest baby boy. We are enjoying him so much! Wiggle worm is 2.5 and is sassy, smart, and so very funny. And she knows it! She is a joy and a challenge and I wouldn't change her one bit. Drama Mama is 4.5 and is still, well, dramatic but she is growing up and turning into such a lovely little girl. She loves to help. Help cook, help with the baby, help clean. She is my helper. She is super smart and loves doing school. We do butt heads because she is kinda stubborn but I think she comes by that honestly. Ahem. Tater tot is 6.5 and loves all things lego. Don't tell him, but we are seriously contemplating getting season passes to legoland when we move to So Cal. He will flip out! He is really doing well reading and he loves math. He is so silly and makes me smile. I love all my babies and I will never be the same because of them. In more ways than one...snicker snicker ;).

Well, I hope you have thoroughly enjoyed this update. Gonna go now. We just happen to be in South Carolina visiting Big Daddy T at chaplain school. More on THAT later!

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