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Hope in the Season of Advent

               The Christmas season can be an especially difficult time for many. Perhaps each year you exit the season feeling cheated, worn, tired, and regretful about not being more “into it.” Faced with a new Year, you promise yourself next time it will be different and yet, when the following Christmas is upon you, the struggle reappears.  Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Year after year after year. I have learned the hard way that it’s possible  to get caught up in all the good “things” of the advent season and completely miss Jesus.       This year, it’s been especially interesting as I have been sick for almost 7 weeks, having yet to fully recover after my experience with covid-19. I currently have bronchitis and bruised ribs from coughing so violently. Each movement I make has to be carefully calculated and intentional so as not to cause further pain and damage. I have had to be diligent to take medicine and supplements to support my body as I heal from this sickness.      In much the sa

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